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    Hong Nee teo

    Glad to have found my hairstylist finally. Alex is very sincere, patient and passionate about his job. He listens and suggests different hairstyles that I’m suitable and shares his opinions. Will definitely go back to him again as I trust that he will take good care of my hair. Thank you, Alex.

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    Lily Liu

    One of the stylists at the reception counter has very cold attitude. It feels like I am causing him trouble instead of bringing him business. I will never go a place like this to spend money to get my mood spoiled.

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    Joan Yeap

    First visit to the salon… Decided to google for nearby hair salon n found this with great reviews! Indeed! And here’s why… hairstylists pay attention to details, are non-pushy (I hate hard-sellers), and the environment (nature theme) allows for unwind. Price is very reasonable, although I was told there is some discounts for first visit. In general, thumbs up! Highly recommended!

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    Prateek Mathur

    Totally in love with the expertise and nice treatment by the senior stylist Vin.

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    Melanie Young

    Mockingjay organic hair salon provides hair services at a reasonable price and the customer service was great! They offer amazing cuts and styles that suites in every customer. Also I almost forgot, the place, it’s really nice and relaxing, its open for everyone! I didn’t feel uncomfortable in this place because the attendants of the salon are also friendly and respectful. I highly recommend this salon to you all.

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