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[定休日以外毎日出荷中] (Colorfu) - 金曜日の楽しみ3-15年の古い男の子のためのクールな新しい屋外おもちゃ、LEDライトカラフルなフライングボール女の子の服年齢3-15男の子のためのギフト3-15歳【海外直送】 --その他

(Colorfu) - Friday Fun Cool New Outdoor Toys for 3-15 Year Old Boys Girls, LED Lights Colourful Flying Ball Girls Toys Age 3-15 Gifts for Boys 3-15 year old Girls Gifts Age 3-15 Colourful FDUKCB06

Colour Name: Colorfu

flying ball is a fantastic and amazing toy for boys and girls. It is also called the "mini drone", light weight, easy to fly with simple operation, especially for Kids, enriching kids' playing life, please keep away from faces and eyes when plying it. This kids toys mini drone flying ball will bring you a lot of surprise and fun. It's a great toy or gift for your lovely kids. When the kid switches the flying ball on, the ball will automatically sense the objects underneath and fly away; when you turn on the switch, the flying ball will delay the flying for 3 seconds to ensure safety; when the toy hits things, it will shut down automatically to avoid damaging. 1.The blades are well-made with flexible and tough features; the beams are updated and reinforced. All of these make the flying ball prevent from damaging in collision. 2. The flying ball is equipped with colourful LED lights inside, which will display dazzle light while flying, making the flying ball become more and more beautiful and amazing in the air, which will greatly attract kids' attention. It will be more beautiful at darkness. How to Operate and How It Works in the Air1. Simply place the ball in your open palm, then switch the power on, and the flying toy will fly into the air after two or three seconds. You can control the flying height with your hand before letting it go. 2. After the ball has flown out of your hand, it will quickly rise up and then at some height it will start to descend; however, when you place your hand underneath, it will fly up again. The sensitive motion sensors underneath the ball control the power to the rotors and when it senses your hand it will power up. Specification: Material: plasticSize: 11 x 15cmCharger: USB ChargingPackage included: 1 x LED flying ball1 x charging cable Note: For safety, the parents must help teaching or watching them to play this flying ball.

Dimensions: 18 x 17 x 5.2 centimetres (0.08 kg)

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