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    C.A. T.

    No hard-selling and friendly staff. Moneywise, quite expensive but it’s worth it for the quality of service rendered.

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    Joanna Goh

    Amazing experience! The staff are friendly and service is great. I was very happy with everything. Will definitely come back. Highly recommended!

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    Khim Ng

    DO NOT GO WEST MALL OUTLET! VERY SCAMMING! Saw $99 promo on google,called for enquiry,promo still ongoing and was told it takes about 2 hours i made 630pm appointment,they said ok.i told them i wil be 5-10 mins late on the phone and they said ok..when reached,the ‘teacher’ designed eyebrow with pencil,and hard sell another eyebrow embroidery which cost $1088..told her jus do the $99 basic will do,she said she needs to check for slot..(i alrdy knew smthin was wrong)so after ‘checking’,she asked me to make appt for another day,here is our conversation.
    She:can u make appt n come back another day?
    Me:why must i come back again?i already made for today 630pm.
    She:because im jus a teacher who only design eyebrow shape,my beautician is not available
    Me:but when i made appt,the person did not tell me today is jus design shape,and i even asked for duration so clearly she knows i wanna do today
    She:but it is late already,my colleague knock off at 8pm (when i made 630,doesnt she alrdy know she have to work till 830 alrdy?ASSUMING IF I DID THE $1088 MAGIC EYEBROW WHICH ALSO LAST 2 YEARS LIKE THE BASIC ONE)
    Me:its ok,i dun wan to come back already
    She:maybe u can consider the one i intro?$1088 now we have promotion 30%
    Me:nvm thanks n bye

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    Sherl Na

    Very bad. Too much gimmicks. Bad customer care

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    Evelyn Kong

    Was introduced to this place by a roadshow for eyebrow embroidery. Have so far done my eyebrows twice. Subsequently was introduced to their facial services. My 1st therapist was Bernice, handed down to Jennifer, Winnie & Jas. Thankful to have met for Jennifer & Jas. Both of them were sincere staff who arent too pushy & only recommend services that suit your skin. Have been following up wid Jas for awhile & she always goes the extra mile for her clients. She treats us (clients) as her friends & most importantly I can use results with the money I invested.

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